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Sonnet for Allegra

This is a Shakespearean Sonnet, usually about love or anything that inspires passion. By design, it is 14 lines long, with each line having exactly 10 syllables, with a rhyming pattern of a-b-a-b, except for the last two lines, which must rhyme.

Sonnet for Allegra

Oh daughter, our one and only child,

nothing compares to the blessing you are.

How your spirit does move, still or wild,

our gift is opened with your waking hour.

I know of God’s love just watching you sleep,

your murmurs are music, precious to me.

Long would I watch you in slumber so deep,

say a prayer of thanks for something so free.

Your song, your dance, arms and legs as you run,

the mirth of your laughter warms the hard soul.

The thoughts of your mind beam bright like the sun,

your writings and drawings make our world whole.

And yet, all we do is pray for your best.

To hear God’s whispers, a life that is blessed.

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