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About Me

     Ever since I knew what an airplane was, a pilot was all I ever wanted to be. Dreams of flying took me to Western Michigan University, where I achieved a degree in Aviation Technology and Operations, and soon after, entered the US Navy for flight training. For the better part of a 27-year career on active duty and in the reserves, I was proud to fly the Lockheed S-3 Viking.


     During this time I was also fortunate enough to be hired by Southwest Airlines, flying one of the truly great airplanes in aviation history - the Boeing 737. After almost 20 years with Southwest, I have recently retired from commercial flying. Thankfully, I am still able to fly Light Sport Aircraft (think somewhere between an ultralight and a Cessna), and in the Civil Air Patrol. My hope is that this website will help those, who have desires of flying, convert those dreams into action.

     While flying might be the backdrop to this blog, it will hopefully prove to be more than being single-dimensional in nature. My blessings have been numerous, but one of the strongest is an insatiable curiosity of the lessons in life that God leads us through. Sometimes it feels as if all we do now is in preparation for the next phase of living. Life is only well-lived when we are learning, growing, and evolving. This is what I hope to explore more than anything else in this blog. The ideas exchanged here will hopefully lead us all into a better developed - and interconnected - head and heart.

     I currently live in Fallbrook, CA with my wife and 13-year-old daughter.


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